Relax in the Hot Springs, and Have a Howling Good Time Supporting the Arts in Southwest Colorado!

Just because Halloween falls on a week night this year is no reason to stay in. In fact, it just means there are so many more options to celebrate and dress up! Spend a weekend with us at the Box Canyon Lodge and take in some entertainment!

Wondering what to do in Ouray on the last weekend of October? Well wonder no more! The Wright Opera House and other local venues have a full calendar of entertainment ready for you.

Friday, October 28, 2016 take a blast into the past with the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Wright Opera House.

The pool is closed you say? Not to worry! Spend the weekend at the Box Canyon Lodge where our tubs are open 365 days a week, and celebrate the season at the presentation of one of the most popular cult classics in history.

Remember those college days, when everyone would dress up as their favorite character from the film (mine was Magenta) and head on down to the late night theatre, props in hand? The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an event which demands audience participation. The sense of camaraderie as you sing along with Brad and Janet and dance the Time Warp is an experience not to be missed. Perhaps the best part of the Rocky Horror Show is that you have the actors on screen, and actors on stage lip syncing the entire show. Not sure what your lines are? Not sure when to throw out which prop? Not to worry! That’s what the actors are there for.
The film centers around a young couple (Alec Baldwin and Susan Sarandon) who become lost in a storm with a broken down car. Seeing lights on in a castle down the way, they head to the front door for assistance. What follows is an evening bordering on ridiculous as they strive to survive the night and escape the clutches of Dr. Fank-N-Furter (Tim Curry). The film itself is a little silly, and if you are easily offended, perhaps not for you. What makes this such a classic is the great soundtrack and audience participation.

Join the stage actors as they celebrate another fantastic performance. Stay on at the Wright Opera House after the show with a cash bar and Dance the Time Warp one more time! Show off your own costumes and share whatever is left in your goodie bag as you party the night away with your fellow moviegoers. This is a great time to meet a number of people in a truly festive setting. It is hard not to feel like you have shared something special with each other after a Rocky Horror Night.


Ouray is always a marvelous place to visit, and this time of year particularly so. With the last of the fall leaves blanketing the ground, the high country becomes white with winters first snows. As the area settles into the quieter winter months, it is a perfect time to spend a relaxing getaway. Mid week is perfect for a quiet escape, with few cars to challenge parking and romantic dinners uninterrupted by lines of diners waiting a turn. Soaking in the evening in our mineral hot spring tubs is an experience to be cherished, as the air becomes crisper in the evening, and you are surrounded in a mist of steamy bliss.

Don’t miss out on the entertainment either. With so many great attractions, there is no better place to be this Halloween!




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