Ouray County Colorado is the home to three craft breweries.  They are all unique and are no more than 10 minutes from one another.  The breweries are as follows:

Ourayle House:  This eclectic place is a one man, one dog operation whereby the server is also the brewer, the dishwasher, and the administrative helper.  Jim Hutchison, aka “Hutch” is the super creative force behind Ouray’s first brewery.  He created a swing so he slides back and forth serving beer to his guests.  He also has a rope line above the bar stools with bells on it.  Like a bus, when you need a beer, summon him by ringing the bells!  He typically carries 4-6 beers on tap, all hand crafted by him.  He doesn’t have a website himself, but you can check him out on Facebook.  He also doesn’t serve any food, but, it is BYOF so you can bring your own food or call one of the many restaurants in towns for takeout.  Hutch is located right next to Maggies Kitchen, a locals favorite for burgers, and it is great fun to get a beer from him, and a burger next door, and enjoy both on the patio.

Ouray Brewery:  The Ouray Brewery  has the only rooftop seating in Ouray and is prominently located at 6th Ave and Main Street.  This brewery features an interesting menu — a combination of bar food and gluten and vegetarian options as well as a few specialties of the chef.  They carry 3-5 different brews at any one time and serve tasting flights.  They typically carry at least one additional craft beer that is a guest beer.  They also feature a full bar for those who have friends and family without beer.  Kids are welcome.

Colorado Boy: Colorado Boy Brewing is located in Ridgway, a mere 10 minutes north on US 550.  The owner is the most experienced brewer and his little establishment packs a serious beer drinking crowd.  They just began serving hand made pizzas to accompany their beer and those are a huge hit.  He also teaches classes on how to open your own small brewery and run it with precision.  He has much experience in this field in that he has started at least 3 other breweries before he began Colorado Boy, his most notable was Palisade Brewing.

Red Mountain Brewing: Red Mountain Brewing is our newest brewery in Ouray. Located on the south side of Ouray, Colorado features a dynamic offering of gastro-pub style fare coupled with a vibrant selection of Colorado beer.

Southwest Colorado has many towns and most of them have a small brewery, winery, or distillery or a combination of all three.  Check out the Southwest Colorado Brewery Tour for information.  This map was last updated in 2009, before Ouray Brewery was put into operation.

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