As we all know, the heavy snows of this past winter have definitely made opening some of the high country passes a little more time consuming than in past seasons. 

We truly owe a giant thank you to all of our county road crewws for working so diligently to make our adventures safe and fun! 

There are still some popular passes that have quite a bit of damage and debris from the numeruos snow slides and melt off, so it is important to pay attention to any signage stating the road is not open. 

Despite that fact, there are still a plethora of trails to explore, and many will look entirely different due to the melt off! Not to mention, the wildflowers are spectacular right now!

According to the San Juan National Forest website, these are the current conditions for the area:

*Be aware that passes can vary with weather any time of year. Some may be slick in areas, washed out or snow covered, even if they are listed as OPEN.  Please don’t go beyond where you are comfortable driving. Be safe out there!

THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL INSTANCES OF ROAD CLOSED SIGNS AND BARRICADES BEING REMOVED OR DRIVEN AROUND. Anyone caught will be reported to the Sherrif’s Department. Driving on closed roads can seriously damage the roadway, as well as put your vehicle at risk. Driving off trail to go around a sign seriously impacts the fragile tundra. DO NOT GO around these signs/barricades/equipment blocking the roadways.
Animas Forks – OPEN through Hurricane and California Gulch. LOTS of snow in California Gulch. Roads are narrow and muddy. * The main road to Animas Forks is blocked by a large avalanche.

Black Bear Pass – Closed by snow
Bolam Pass – Open to Hermosa Creek crossing, Avalanche between Hotel Draw and Bolam Pass
California – OPEN
Clear Lake -OPEN to tree line (below lake)
Cinnamon Pass – Open from the east side, County Rd 30 ONLY. Closed to all vehicle traffic beyond the basin turnoff. 
Corkscrew Pass – OPEN
County Road 110 – OPEN
County Road 2 – OPEN approx. 1 mile past Eureka FLOODING is an issue, so currently down to single lane
Cunningham Gulch – OPEN to Pride of West Boarding House

Divide Road 564 – Closed by snow
Engineer Pass – Lake City to Animas Forks – OPEN 
Engineer Pass – Lower end to 550- Closed by avalanche debris
Eureka Gulch –  OPEN to snow, could be hard to turn around   
Hurricane Pass – OPEN
Imogene Pass – Closed by snow
Kennebec Pass – Closed by snow
La Plata Canyon (County Road 124) – OPEN to just past Lewis
Last Dollar – OPEN
Lobo Overlook – Closed by snow

Maggie Gulch – OPEN to snow, could be hard to turn around
Mineral Point – Closed by snow*
Minnehaha – Closed by snow
Minnie Gulch – OPEN to snow, could be hard to turn around  
Ophir Pass – OPEN 
Owl Creek Pass – Closed by snow

Picayune – Closed by snow*
Placer – Closed by snow*
Poughkeepsie  – Closed by snow
Scotch Creek – Closed by snow
South Mineral Road  – OPEN to just past campground
Stony Pass – OPEN, Pole Creek crossing at your own risk
Treasure Mountain Loop – Closed by snow*
Yankee Boy Basin – OPEN

As always, be sure to bring layers as it can be significantly cooler at higher altitudes, bring water and as silly as it sounds, don’t forget your sunscreen! With all of the moisture this year, bug spray is a good idea, especially if you plan on doing a little exploring on foor.

Have fun and be safe!


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